XYZ Racing SuperSport Coilovere E30

XYZ Racing SuperSport Coilovere E30

BMW E30 85-91 (Integrerte fjæring bak)
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BMW E30 85-91

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Nytt produkt fra XYZ Racing, E30 med integrerte coilovere bak !

Super Sport

These dampers have eliminated discomfort resulted from bumps or rough roads. Super Sport damper enables you to adjust the ride height and has 30-way damping adjustment. In other words, your car with this system can be set to meet all different road conditions. This high performance damper is suitable for both weekend race and daily use.

- Top of the line sport damper.
- Monotube design, and lightweight aluminum bottom mount.
- Larger piston diameter of 45mm, and shock body 51.5mm.
- Full ride height adjustable
- 30-way adjustable dampening to be used on different road conditions and weekend race.
- One year limited warranty; replacement for defective strut.

Top mount
In XYZ standard design on shock absorbers in Super Sport (SS), all McPherson struts come with pillow ball upper mounts and Wishbone struts are equipped with aluminum top mounts. The pillowball top mount or aluminum top mount is not available for a few certain applications due to the OE upper mount with no holes on it.

PS) The pillow ball top mount is able to adjust camber degree, and to increases stability and handling of your vehicle by 10%. However, the pillow ball might be prone to creating slight amount of noise over big bumps, and this does not cover any warranty.

Mono-tube design
Mono-tube design is adopted for this coilover system as it can retain stable damping and have varieties of response to uneven roads and bumps to keep the comfort. The super sport damper with big piston diameter of 45mm can be used for weekend race as well.

Fully-adjustable lower mount
A moveable bottom mount is adopted; both ride-height and pre-load can be adjusted by adjusting the bottom mount. Use of aluminum material enables to reduce weight.

Damping adjustable
Super sport damper has 30-way damping settings to bring the best performance for different road conditions. The shock uses needle valve to have linear damping adjustment at each level.

All threaded parts are coated with Fluorine to prevent corrosion or adherence. A bottom mount is anodized.

Coil spring
99% applications come with pillow ball upper mount to enable you to experience the driving feel directly. Super Sport damper is equipped with the springs that have the most perfect spring rates.

Aluminum bottom mount
Lightweight aluminum bottom mount is used to reduce the weight and to have ability to dissipate heat.

Spring bearing
The piece put between the spring and the locking ring is Teflon bearing, it can eliminate strange noises and allow a vehicle to move more smoothly when turning.