Bremse Reduksjonsventil (Proportion valve)

Bremse Reduksjonsventil (Proportion valve)

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417,- (eks. mva)
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SKU: 101-BRE-PPV01

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Adjustable Knob-Style Brake Proportioning Valve. 

Brake Proportioning Valve Goes Inline With Your Brake Line And Allows You To Dial In How Much Pressure Goes To The Front Brakes.

Many Times Full Pressure Causes Small Front Tires To Lock Up. Use This To Provide Maximum Front Braking Preventing Wheel Lock Up. 

This Knob Style Proportioning Valve Enables You To Adjust Front To Rear Brake Bias With A Twist Of A Knob.

Provides Up To 57% Reduction. 

Valve Fitting Ports Are 1/8" NPT.